We pay particular attention to every little detail, every aspect, because one element will impact another in ways that the human eye cannot capture but the soul will. And that is the magic that makes our events memorable, impactful, visually stunning, and totally over-the-top. 

Any special event - a wedding, social gathering, society gala or corporate party - must leave a lasting impression on each and every guest. With only one opportunity to make that moment in time unforgettable and impactful, you must have the right team in place in order to create that WOW! for your event. 

Originally from Miami's hip, edgy, and ultra cool South Beach, and now headquartered in beautiful St. Petersburg, trend-setting conceptBAIT specializes in never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind spectacular events. Owners/Event Designers Frank Clemente and Lynn McGhee offer custom experiences that push your imagination to the limit.

Botanica International Design & Décor Studio


We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet have you ever wondered what the subjective elements are that make up something “beautiful”?

We do. And, we have a distinct approach to finding it just for you.

At Botanica International Design & Décor Studio, creating beauty is more than just what the eye sees. The story that is being communicated, the experience one has while planning the celebration, and the WOW feeling that exceeds any and all expectations define it in our company.

To us, beauty is the awe that is experienced in a variety of ways by all attending your event. The “take your breath away” moment when the doors first open, the tears of overwhelming joy as the details unfold, and the pride of knowing this is something that expresses who you are in the most creative of ways.

Let us provide you… Creativity for all things beautiful.